Friday, July 17, 2015

Goodbye and Hello!

Having three little ones is the most wonderful blessing -AND- also I am feeling busier and busier lately. Life is too full, kids are too fun, and time is too precious to keep up a blog, even just once a month.

If you are still interested in following our adventures, and getting ideas for recipes to make and crafts to do with your wee ones, please follow my instagram account: Jupiters_Keeper. I've been posting our shenanigans there and will be documenting our adventures with our co-op pre-school, StarSeeds, which my mama friend and I are co-creating. Our first day was all about blackberries: blackberry stories and circle time, blackberry songs, blackberry picking, blackberry muffin cooking, blackberry leaf sun tea, blackberry shrub making, blackberry silk dyeing... oh, and lots of free play!

I'm going to leave the blog up. I relied so heavily on other mamas' blogs for my homeschooling inspirations that I thought I should leave everything online in case anyone finds anything in it handy. All the best to you, dear mamas. Keep changing the world one baby at a time. And maybe I will see you on planet instagram. Stop by, say "hi!"

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