Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday Party Favors

Isla's second birthday is around the corner, and I'm embarrassed to admit I've been planning it for months. It's very unlike me. I am such a spur-of-the-moment type... which is the pc way to say lazy - that it's really out of character for me to start the planning process more than a week before the event. But this is a big deal, and I want to do it right.

I decided on a Fairy Prince and Princess party for her, since she is really into wings and dress-up. I wanted there to be fun activities for the babies, but also wanted the whole party to be eco-conscious and non-toxic. Birthday crowns sounded like a fun project, but I wanted to avoid plastic. After a tiny bit of searching, I found almost everything I would need on etsy. Tami's Cozies pre-made the crowns out of felt for me, in different colors. Then I sewed buttons on each. I have a huge bag of felt shapes I got from bbd Supplies, and I cut slits in all the shapes that didn't already have them so that they could easily slip onto the buttons. The picture is the prototype of what the babies will be making (with the help of their mamas) at the party.

For the other craft, I got wooden birdhouse building kits which we are calling "fairy houses," and some eco paint and felt creatures to decorate them. The rest of the plan is to have a table with eco-dough to play with, a couple of baby swimming pools with plenty of toys in them, tents and tunnels all around, and to decorate Isla's fort "fairy style." Party favors are tiny butterfly people from KhaliNouveau, little fairy telescopes, bubbles, and hopefully some home-made play dough if I can swing it.

My sister is an amazing vegan chef, and is graciously making all of the food. She is talking about making fairy cakes, which will be sweetened only with fruit (bananas, dates) and lots of baby friendly snacks. Now all I have to figure out is the music.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My friend Carrie ( and I had a booth this year at the Live Oak Festival. We both make baby clothes, and thought we'd try out the carney life for a weekend. It was probably the wrong venue, but it was fun, as well as being the catalyst for creating in the weeks before. Now I just have to take pictures so I can *finally* update my etsy page.

The Wedding Blowout

So, funny story. I ordered this kimono outfit for my baby girl on the way. When it came in, I was so excited about it, I carried it around with me all day Saturday, showing it to everyone. I went to a wedding Saturday evening with Isla and husband Ryan. As is her style at fancy functions, Isla had a BLOWOUT in her diaper, and the dress she was wearing at the wedding was covered in... brown. We didn't have an outfit to change her into! But, in desperation, I tried the kimono and skirt on her... and it just barely fit! Not only that, but it was flipping adorable. ...And here is Isla, wearing her second outfit for the night!

This outfit is available from Koolmono, and you can get it by clicking here.