Sunday, September 22, 2013

Michaelmas Finery

Last year we celebrated Michaelmas for almost a week, culminating in a big celebration on the actual day. Each day we had a puppet show and practiced a song:

The Autumn winds blow open the gate,
St. Micha-el for you we wait.
We follow you,
Show us the way,
With joy we greet this Autumn day.
Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

The first day we dyed silk capes, the second day we opened dragon masks, a gift from my dear friend Hilary and her sweet son:

The third day we unwrapped handmade wooden swords of light, and the fourth and final day we made Dragon Bread. Since it had to be gluten-free, I had a little trouble with the consistency. We changed course midway through, putting carob chips in it and forming muffin-shaped rolls instead. These we called "Dragon Eggs" and they inspired a fitting activity:

The girls donned their capes and carried their swords through the "woods" (our living room, which we set up as an obstacle course), on a mission to find the eggs (which I hid throughout the house). It was really sweet, and went with the stories and puppet shows we had been working on that week.

I can't wait for more inspiring ideas for this year.