Friday, September 24, 2010

Awesome Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

I buy only cloth-bodied or anatomically correct baby dolls for Isla, since the realistic bodied type with no genitalia freak me out. Cool anatomically correct dolls are hard to find, though, so I am always casually looking. Luckily, you can get really cute (and non-toxic!) ones locally, from Summer for Kids in Montecito (or on their website). Pictured is their European Boy with underwear, and they also have a girl and a newborn girl. Unfortunately at the moment they only offer White babies, but I've inquired about it and they do have plans to carry other ethnicities as well.

The other company I like for dolls is Berenguer. Pictured is the Asian Baby Girl. The website is a little strange, but I ordered a newborn doll for Isla (to be the present from her soon-to-be baby sister) and it came in the mail quickly and in really nice packaging.

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