Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mini Pine Cone Christmas Trees

We have these mini pine cones in our neighborhood. My girls like collecting them and adding them to the nature table, or using them in their play cooking. Yesterday we thought of another idea to put these cute little pine cones to use: mini Christmas trees for our dinner table. We are incorporating a little of advent into our dinner routine. To be honest, I don't completely understand the whole thing, but I do know each week has to do with a specific kingdom. First mineral, then plant, then animal, and lastly man. Since we are now in the second week, it was perfect timing adding this tree.

We used cardboard from an instant (don't judge!;)) oatmeal box, and cut a little stretched-out "U" shape. Then we rolled it into a cone, and taped it down. Lastly, we covered it, section-by-section, with glue (I used a mini hot glue gun, which doesn't get the glue too hot, so Isla could actually *very carefully* help me place the pine cones.

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