Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MamaLana Bliss Boxes!

My dear, dear mama friend Anna, together with her sister-in-law Lauren, has created an amazing company: a first-ever subscription box service for mamas to be! I am not surprised; she is incredible. I am, however, feeling the need to get pregnant again so I can subscribe to the mail-order bliss boxes for each month of pregnancy.

About the boxes, they say, "We want to help make pregnancy inspirational, transformational and beautiful. The Mama Lana box is the ideal pregnancy purchase, either as a gift to self or to an expecting loved one. Each Mama Lana box includes essentials from six categories: mind, body, soul, belly, baby, and bliss. At Mama Lana, we work hard to make sure you get exceptional value on excellent products. The total retail value of a Mama Lana box ranges from at least $65 to $100+. We are a luxury subscription box service – ours is not a paid advertising box or one filled with teensy samples. Our team of experts ensure we're choosing the best products for each month of pregnancy. In addition to the savings you get through our lower prices, you also save time and worry. All the overwhelming sifting of pregnancy products has been done for you with our boxes.

We deeply believe in women's wisdom. We seek to empower mamas, and help them embrace the beautiful transformation of motherhood. We don't push any particular philosophy when it comes to pregnancy, birth or parenting. We are here to celebrate the mama: her intuition, her choices, her journey. We believe in each and every product we put in our Mama Lana boxes. The companies we choose as our partners all make the world a better place. As a whole, they are fair trade, organic, green, and socially conscious. We donate a percentage of every box purchased to Madre - - a nonprofit that advances women's human rights internationally. When you help mothers, you help the world."

Wow, right?!

Also, I am honored to have some of my jewelry included in the mama boxes!

I will be writing up another post reviewing the boxes, once I see one, but knowing Anna, I'm have no doubt they're as inspired as they sound.

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