Monday, December 22, 2014

Rhythm of Our Home(school)

When things run smoothly around here, it's because I've kept up our daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal rhythms. Here's a bit of what those look like in our home:



free play for girls while Mama cooks a warm breakfast and Baby (usually) naps

breakfast blessing, then breakfast with tea together

Morning Verse:
"The sun, with loving light
Makes bright for me each day.
The soul, with Spirit power
Gives strength unto my limbs.
In sunlight shining clear,
I do revere Oh God,
The strength of humankind,
That goodness has planted in my soul,
That I, with all mt might,
May love to work and learn.
From Thee stream light and strength;
To Thee rise love and thanks.

Sing "Who will Come Into My Wee Ring" as we gather for circle
Circle time consists of 15-20 minutes of songs, poems and games which go together in a theme. September was "Michaelmas" for one circle and "apples" for the other. October was "Pumpkins" and "acorns," and both circles included a lot of letter songs and games. November was "corn/harvest" and "Martinmas/Lantern Walk," and both circles included a lot of math/counting songs and games. December has been "Christmas."

After circle my four year-old and six year-old sit at their wooden table for Main Lesson. The subject of main lesson rotates on blocks, which last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. So far we have had blocks on form drawing, uppercase letters, quality of numbers, and letters again, including lowercase. Next up will be the four mathematical processes, wee one's botany - AKA the wonder of plants, and building words. We will conduct our botany block outdoors, rather than in the desk, of course.

Free play while Mama tends to Baby and gets snack or first lunch ready

Snack together, indoors or out:

Reading time, where Mama reads one or a few of these categories: 1. a chapter in the current month's Herb Fairies, 2. a story from Herbal Roots Zine, 3. Ladybug Magazine, 4. books from the library and/or home that go along with the theme of the circle/block

Outdoor free play/ gardening time/ walk or hike/ fun with Daddy

Home for late lunch/ second lunch

Crafts/ remedy-making/ painting/ modeling/ or cooking project (AKA help Mama make dinner)

Free Play

Dinner blessing:

Give thanks to the Mother Earth
Give thanks to the Father Sun
Give thanks to the plants in the garden where
The Mother and the Father are one
Give thanks

and dinner together with Daddy

Straight to bath, brush teeth, PJs on

Cuddle up on couch, each child brings over book of choice, read books by fire

Songs (I love you little ____, Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, too, Which is the way to fairy land?, Upstairs to fairy land

With this last song I take the girls with me to their room and get them snuggled in bed

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