Thursday, June 25, 2015


We had a special graduation ceremony for the girls at the end of last month. I felt it was important to honor the school year we had together, and all of the progress the girls made. A week beforehand I sent out a special invitation to the grandparents, aunties and uncles. The day of the event I set our table up with some examples of the projects and main lesson books the girls had completed. Bear with me - I did not take many photos of this event, as it was much more important for me to be completely present:

Then the three of us made cupcake treats. We used violets and pansies to create a purple dye for the cakes and the frosting. First we filled a small jar with the dried flowers we had picked and dehydrated. Then we filled the jar with boiling water, covered it, and let it steep. After straining out the flowers we had a deep purple dye. It turned the cakes an unintended but cool greenish color, and the frosting became a beautiful lavender. We decorated them with gluten-free edible butterflies purchased on etsy, and sprigs of lavender:

When the guests arrived they had some time to peruse the work that was set up on the table. Once everyone was here we directed our guests to the playroom, where I had set up a slideshow. At 15 minutes, it might have been a tad long, but the girls were so proud and everyone seemed interested in seeing all the photos of their year. After the slideshow we moved to the living room, where the girls and I demonstrated a sample of "Circle Time" with songs, movement and rhymes. Then Isla played a song on her dulcimer and glockenspiel and Lyra did a puppet show. Then it was time for the ceremony. I lit a candle and took Isla to a special chair I had set up. I put a silk on her as a cape, and the wool crown I made for her. Then I spoke to her about how proud I was of her - of her big, generous heart, of how much she has grown, of her kindness and helpfulness, and of all the new, exciting things she was learning. Then I took her by the hand and led her to the bridge (our rocker board), and said, "Congratulations Isla, you are now ready for first grade!" Then she crossed the bridge on her own, to where I was waiting for her on the other side. I then presented her with her gifts: a copper ball, similar to my eurythmy balls she has been coveting, and a medicine pouch with a necklace inside. Then she sat down and I did a similar ceremony for Lyra. At the end, everyone came outside and we served dinner, with fairy cakes for dessert!

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