Monday, August 3, 2009

What Up with G Diapers

I've been test driving G Diapers for a while now, and here's my final opinion:
1. They're so cute.  And really "trim" compared to my other cloth diapers, comparable to a disposeable.
2. They are virtually leak proof - yay!
3. Do NOT use them during baby's first few weeks.  I've heard from every friend who did - the messy poops go everywhere.  Wait until they're on solid foods before trying these diapers out, unless you use the cloth inserts.
4. 3 Covers, 5 liners, and one package of inserts lasted my entire 4 day (50 hours of which was on the train!) trip.  Just as convenient as disposables, but less leaks.
5. Velcro starting to get less "sticky" at the edges.  (I saw one baby in our yoga class pull hers off...)
6. As with any diaper cover, make sure you use natural fiber inserts or pre-folds.  I like the hemp the best, since it holds the most liquid and is also the trimmest.  If you use a microfiber insert (which came free with our pocket dipes), use it with a hemp doubler or a cloth wipe over it so that the natural hemp is against Baby's skin rather than the microfiber.
7. To sum it all up: these diapers are perfect to use when traveling, and when your little one needs to squeeze into her bootcut jeans, but like the bum genius 3.0,  the velcro may be shot after a while if you use them 24/7.  

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