Friday, November 4, 2011

Roots and Wings School Takes Off!

Wow! What an epic afternoon! Everything came together this week for our "Roots and Wings" mama-toddler "school" we mamas started up. The theme this week was fire, and it was woven throughout our afternoon. The children prepared baked potatoes with oil and salt, poked holes in them with a fork, and wrapped them with foil, and we cooked them with fire in the oven. While the last kids were finishing up, we got to check out Cash's awesome fire gear and fireman books. Then we had circle time and learned firemen songs and then lit a candle for story time. Mama Amrita read a Native American book about how Coyote steals fire, and then teaches the other animals in the forest how to make fire. After that, we walked down to the beach and the children helped to build a fire pit! They dug out a pit, lined it with stones they found on the beach, and then found some sticks and driftwood. Thanks to Mama Heather we had a real fire! The children observed how the fire felt (hot!), smelled (smoky), and sounded (crackly), and then everyone ran down to the water for some play time. After that the children carried buckets of sea water to dump on the fire. (We made sure it was all the way out!) Lastly, we headed back to the house where we enjoyed our baked potatoes together after a blessing song led by Mama Emma.

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