Saturday, February 23, 2013

Getting Organized

Every mom I know of a 4 - 5 year-old is going crazy over the same thing - kindergarten. We are lucky in Santa Barbara in that there are so many great choices, but it does make the decision really hard. I keep going back to the idea of homeschooling. Even if we don't decide to homeschool our kids, I really want our house to be set up in the best possible way for them. I recently organized the art cabinet, which makes using my list (see below) even easier. The homemade play-doh in baby food jars is on the top shelf with the beeswax, modeling clay, and crayons. The paint and art sets are on the middle shelf, and the stamping supplies and paper are on the bottom. I even went for it and cut all of the corners off of their watercolor paper and sketch pad paper. Feeling inspired...

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