Friday, November 29, 2013

Menorah Craft

Lyra and I had fun with this Hanukkah craft. It was really simple, but came out looking so pretty on our table and mantle, especially as we lit the candles. You will need: 8 small baby food jars, clean and dry; 1 larger baby food jar, clean and dry; tissue paper in assorted colors; mod podge; paint brushes; scissors (optional). Cut or tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Set aside in separate piles. Brush one jar with mod podge and stick tissue paper all over it. Coat the outside with another layer of mod podge. Set upside down to dry. Repeat with all other jars. Once dry, place a tea light inside each jar. Viola! (We used a small pillar candle in the center jar, so we could use it to light the others. We put a little clay in the bottom so it would stick.)

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