Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Favorite Waldorf Supplies Websites

For the basics - Sarah's Silks play silks, wooden kitchens and accoutrement, wooden bowls and cutlery, and rocker boards (last two sites only):

For a discount on Waldorf toys and homeschool supplies, art and craft supplies, Weleda, supplies to make your own silk canopies and play silks, glockenspiels, choroi flutes, etc... (and to support a fabulous homeschooling Waldorf mama and her four children)

For gnome homes, gnomes, and handmade dolls by the lovely Christine:

For the best "Heavy Baby" doll kits:

And more doll-making kits:

For Waldorf wooden frames, beautiful advent calendars, wooden mushrooms, and other hard-to-find toys:

For eurythmy supplies, art supplies, and beautiful musical instruments:

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