Friday, July 3, 2009

Kindermusic in Santa Barbara

There are so many options when it comes to music classes for babies.  We went with Yellowbird Music with Alex because, while most of the instruments are the same, the teacher is who makes the class, and Alex is so amazing with the babies.  I brought my daughter to try out a free class, thinking that would be the end of it since money was tight.  We ended up signing up right then and are in our fourth "semester" now.

We sing songs, dance, blow bubbles, take towel rides, play in the parachute, pull the babies around on little carts, bounce on the air log, and of course play tons of instruments.  My daughter loves music class, and plays hard the entire time.  Each semester comes with a CD, book, and musical instrument, so we can get crazy at home, too.  Isla gets so excited when she hears her favorite songs come on (Giddyup Horsey and Let's Sing Hello, Hello), and she knows just what to do if you hand her a drum.

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