Thursday, July 9, 2009

My 11 month old daughter, Isla, has a new obsession: her bed. My husband built it for her today out of pine and her organic crib mattress fits perfectly inside it. Slats in the bottom keep the mattress off of the ground. Her room has kind of an ocean-theme going on, so the whale tail bed fits right in. Early on we decided a crib wasn't going to work for us. Isla has slept in our family bed (we use a side rail) since she was born, and all three of us like the arrangement. Naps became a problem, though, once she could roll, because we were afraid she would fall off the end of the bed, and floor naps didn't seem to last very long.
Isla loves that she can get in and out of her bed herself, and she took two of her best naps in it today. The hand-dyed silk bedspread is available here. The toddler beds are $275, and aren't available for purchase just yet, but you can get on a waiting list by using the contact form on this page.

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