Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update to Cloth Diaper Post

In an older post, I recommended buying fuzzibunz cloth diapers over the bum genius 3.0 diapers, because the fuzzibunz have snaps.  I have to retract that, though, now that bum genius makes a snap, one-size diaper, and they are made here in the US, instead of China (thanks Emma!).  

I am also trying out the G Diaper now that Isla's #2's are not so runny.  The majority of my friends who tried them in the beginning were put off, because the messy poos just smeared all over the place and got on the cloth diaper cover.  All but one switched to fuzzibunz or bum genius, or got fed up with cloth diapers all together.  My friend Anna gave me the remainder of her stash to try, and today is Isla's first day in them.  

Here is what I like about the G Diapers so far:  They are less bulky than the other cloth diapers, either disposable or all-cloth inserts can be used with them, and the pee-only disposable liners can be composted right in our backyard compost.  The test will be once Isla has a messy poo in them, and I will keep you posted on the results.


  1. I can't wait to try the new snap version of Bum Genius as I have to admit that I have two Fuzzi Bunz because I simply like the snaps more than velcro. I will let you know what I think when they arrive.

  2. I like the snaps better too! They don't ruin my tops in the laundry like the velcro do, and they're harder for Miss Isla to pull off. And I think they stay looking nice longer.