Monday, October 3, 2011

Alpaca Festival

We are obsessed with llamas. Our family coffee house, Lucky Llama Coffee, is opening this Winter, and we are into everything llama. Seeing as there are no llamas in Santa Barbara (that I'm aware of!) we settle for alpacas. Settle is a bad word, since we love alpacas as well. They are just like llamas, only smaller, softer, sweeter, and more timid. What is not to love? Luckily my friend Tammy let us know about the Alpaca Festival last month at Canzelle Alpacas, in Carpinteria, and gave us the heads up. Isla got to ride alpacas, pet 4 day old baby alpacas, and feed them! It was such a fun day! If you missed the festival, they do tours on the first Saturday of the month for $35. Check out the website for details:

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