Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Silk Canopy

We love silk canopies. Love. But they are expensive! So, we bought the silk from the Waldorf supply co-op we are a part of: and dyed our own. For $4 something a yard, we dyed our own silk canopies and they came out great! We had leftover dye from Isla's "Trippy Hippy" party, but I'm sure any dye would do. Most people seem to use watercolor as dye, so we'll use that next time and report back with results. Anyway, we cut silk to size, got it wet, and squirted it with dye. Then I rolled it and bunched it to mix-mash the colors. I wanted the canopy to be pastel, so I rinsed the whole thing off right when we were done dying it. Then I just let it dry outside. To finish the edges, I rolled them and did a whip-stitch around them. Easy! *If you are not a co-op member of Cedar Ring Circle (you should be! Hurry, while they're still accepting new members!), you can order your silk from Dharma Trading. We used the 45" wide 8mm silk habotai. Right now they are being used as curtains in the girls' room, but they are easily whipped down for spontaneous play!

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