Friday, October 28, 2011

Lazure Painting the Kids' Room for $40 in One Day

I loved the color of the girls' room. A bright golden, yellow-orange - the same color my room was as a teenager. But for my two firecrackers, I think it was a little much for them energetically. For $40 (plus the cost of watercolors, if you don't already have those) I did a re-do, attempting a lazure-faux style, similar to what I've seen in Waldorf pre-schools, specifically like the Waldorf pre-school in Cuernavaca.

1 gallon of Swiss Coffee-colored paint (Or 1 quart if you don't need to paint over the existing color)
Stockmar watercolors in blue, red, and yellow
Rags (I managed it with two)
Plates or bowls for mixing colors

I started by painting over the yellow-orange with one coat of "Swiss Coffee" and let it dry. Then, after the girls went to bed, I put a little of the paint on a paper plate and mixed in some Stockmar watercolor in red to make a rosy pink color. I mixed the paint with some water and used an old rag to rub it on the walls. Then I mixed a little blue watercolor into the paint to make the lavender color and tried to blend it in a little. Then I made blue for above the lavender, and above that, green then yellow. I mixed lavender with pink to make a darker color to go around all of the windows, along the floorboards, and in the corners of the room, to give some dimension. Isla's response when she saw it the next morning made it worth staying up until 2 am finishing up!


  1. Any more pics to share? I am heading out to buy supplies today! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Wendy! I'm so sorry for the very delayed reply... Somehow this comment got lost in the archives. I hope it was a success! I just posted more pics of the finished product :)